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A mission-driven technology leader focused on open culture movements, open philanthropy, collaborative innovation, and creatively solving difficult social problems.



Co-Founder / Chief Technologist | 2020-present
Reset is an initiative engaged in programmatic work on technology and democracy, providing grants and contracts globally while working alongside partners with a shared policy, technology, and advocacy goal in countries with immediate opportunities for change.

Open Technology Fund
Co-Founder / Principal Director | 2012-2019
OTF supports open technologies and communities increasing free expression, circumventing censorship, and obstructing repressive surveillance as a way to promote human rights and open societies globally. I co-founded and oversaw all operations and now serve as a strategic advisor to the OTF team and board.

Transparency & Investigations Unit, Al Jazeera Network
Senior Producer / Technologist | 2011-2012
AJ’s investigative unit serves the public interest by uncovering malfeasance, wrongdoing, and abuses of power. In this role, I developed one of the first online whistleblower submission systems utilized by a global media outlet, conducted training that modernized the networks investigative tradecraft for the digital age, and led technology-centred efforts for numerous investigations.

Open Technology Institute, New American Foundation
Senior Technology Fellow / Technologist | 2009-2011
With NAF, OTI works at the intersection of technology and policy to ensure that every community has equitable access to digital technology and its benefits. As the first full-time staff member, I operationalized new “code-as-policy” technology projects with global communities of policymakers, journalists, and technologists, like Measurement Lab – the largest collection of open internet performance data on the planet.

CUWiN Foundation
Volunteer / Senior Network Engineer / Board Member | 2005–2011
CUWiN developed one of the first open-source mesh software and deployed decentralized, community-owned networks that foster democratic cultures and local content. While there, I developed software, deployed, and maintained embedded systems to support multiple community mesh networks relied upon by municipal institutions.

Software Developer / Senior Network Engineer | 2006–2009
Pixio is a mission-driven consultancy working with organizations of all types and sizes, from start-ups to enterprise corporations and from citywide nonprofits to national public institutions. While at Pixio, I developed software, deployed, and maintained multiple projects serving university-wide populations and departments.

Acorn Active Media Foundation
Volunteer / Systems Engineer / Board Member | 2006–2011
AAM is an employee-run tech collective whose members are themselves activists; the projects we work on are chosen based on members’ interest in working on them. With AAM, I supported multiple autonomous infrastructure collectives who provide communication and computing tools for people and groups internationally working on liberatory social change.

Indymedia, Urbana–Champaign Independent Media Center
Volunteer / Bookkeeper / Radio Producer / Media Trainer / Systems Engineer | 2004-2009
U-C IMC is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice in the Champaign County area. While working with U-C IMC, I did whatever needed to be done to sustain the newly formed non-profit.

Activities & Adjunct Roles

Co-Founder Emeritus, Open Technology Fund | 2019-present
Advisor, Ford Foundation’s Digital Infrastructure RFP | 2018
Scientific Review Board, DARPA’s Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone Program | 2018
Advisor, Open Knowledge Foundation’s Prototype Fund | 2016-present
Advisor, NetGain Partnership | 2015-present
Judge, Access Innovation Prize Judge | 2014
Advisory Board, Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative | 2014-2016
Advisor, Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Internet Freedom Fund | 2013-present
Co-Maintainer, Hypha | 2012-present
Co-Founder, Open Technology Fund | 2012
Co-Founder, “Internet in a suitcase” | 2011
Board member, Acorn Active Media Foundation | 2006-2011
Board member, CUWiN Foundation | 2006-2011

Talks & Media Mentions

How to raise money for open source (Talk) | re:publica (Berlin) | 2017
Financing Digital Rights (Talk) | Internet Freedom Forum (Lagos) | 2017
GreatFire, China - Digital Activism nominee | Index on Censorship Awards (London) | 2016
Thank You for Protecting Human Rights - HotPETs Keynote (Talk) | Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (Darmstadt) | 2016
Developing Localised Tools That Support Internet Freedom (Talk) | Forum on Internet Freedom in East Africa (Kampala) | 2015
The Digital Dividend (Talk) | Ariadne Grant Skills Share (London) | 2015
Moving Forward - Building Effective Responses (Talk) | Iran Cyber Dialogue (Valencia) | 2015
Introducing the Open Technology Fund (Talk) | Freedom Online Coalition Annual Conference (Tunis) | 2013
Digital Diplomacy - Reinventing foreign policy? (Talk) | re:publica (Berlin) | 2012
Freedom & Connectivity from Alexandria, Egypt to Zuccotti Park (Talk) | F2C:Freedom to Connect | 2012
Meet Moxie Marlinspike, the Anarchist Bringing Encryption to All of Us (Media) | Wired | 2016
Foundation of ‘dark Web’ steps into the light (Media) | Politico | 2015
Not Even the NSA Can Crack the State Dept’s Favorite Anonymous Network | Foreign Policy | 2013
BBG Leadership in Brussels for Internet Freedom Discussions (Media) | Broadcasting Board of Governors | 2013
Online tools to skirt Internet censorship overwhelmed by demand (Media) | Washington Post | 2012
In D.C., private ‘bucket list’ dreams become public art (Media) | Washington Post | 2012
U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors (Media) | New York Times | 2011
SIM deadline to silence Nigeria? (Media) | Al Jazeera | 2011
History of UCIMC and CUWiN (Talk) | 50 Years of Public Computing (Urbana) | 2010
Dan Blah opens up about IMC Fest (Media) | Smile Politely | 2009
Urbana media center festival aims to raise funds (Meda) | Daily Illini | 2007


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